Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guess what phone isn't promoted on the A&T site

Yep. No sign. No sign of the iPhone. It's beginning to look like AT&T's margins are every bit as thin, and Apple's every bit as fat, as rumor suggests.

AT&T is promoting phones where they at least make money on the plans.

I wonder if AT&T will eventually beg Apple to let them out of the contract early ...

Update: At least one commentator sees an iPhone, though it doesn't appear on the screen I get.


Anonymous said...

no. the iphone is definitely promoted clearly and largely on the bottom left of at&t website. try visiting the site again.

JGF said...

It's not showing up on my screen, but I believe you. I wonder how AT&T decides who gets which screen?

I was only able to find it when I browsed their "smart phones" (though arguably the iPhone isn't nearly as smart as it will be).