Monday, November 05, 2007

Shared family calendars, PDAs and Google Android

A few months ago I tried creating a shared family calendar solution on Google. It didn't work, because I couldn't get come up with a satisfactory Outlook sync solution.

I figured Calendar Swamp and I are the only people in the world trying to implement a shared family calendar solution (including work calendars), but it turns out the "Gphone" company is thinking about this too ...

Calendar Swamp: If my phone could do anything
... About 1:43 into this new video, Nick Sears, the co-founder of Android, the company Google bought to build its mobile phone platform, has this to say: "If my phone could do anything, it would be that we would have a shared family calendar.
Ten years or more ago Palm briefly sold a small device that was supposed to create a family calendar based on individual Palm devices. Shortly after that Palm died.

It's been a long wait and it's not over yet.

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