Monday, January 21, 2008

The Atlantic and archives to be ad supported

A remarkable story in several ways.

One, James Fallows, who is a big name in The Atlantic, claims to have learned about the change in NYT. Secondly, the move will include the entire archives - a fabulous addition reminescent of the opening of the vast NYT archives.

High school civics, between Wikipedia and the archives, really should be getting very interesting.

Lastly, there's a lot of material here for students of modern media.

It seems the switch was driven by the circulation of The Atlantic's blogs, the advertising they might attract, and the turmoil at the journal:

NYT: “... The magazine is still in the red, in the $3-to-$5-million range,” he said, but he hopes to be in the black in five years.

The Atlantic seems to have stabilized after a period of turmoil. The previous editor in chief, Michael Kelly, stepped down in 2002, and the owner, David G. Bradley, left the post vacant for more than three years...

While the managing editor, Cullen Murphy, ran the magazine, it won numerous awards for excellence but circulation dropped sharply. In 2005, Mr. Bradley moved The Atlantic from Boston, where it was founded in 1857, to Washington, leading Mr. Murphy and many other staff members to leave.

For a few months, it seemed that no one was in charge, until Mr. Bennet was hired less than two years ago.

When I finally gave up on the doddering Economist about two years ago, I replaced it with Scientific American and The Atlantic. I've generally been very pleased by the magazine, I'm surprised it's losing money but encouraged by the apparent energy and direction.

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