Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hilary is the new Al. I might become a fan ...

EJ Dionne, in praising Obama, makes Clinton more appealing ...
E. J. Dionne Jr. - A Candidacy's Prose and Cons - washingtonpost.com

...There is a certain melancholy in watching Clinton do battle. Obviously aware that the bottom is falling out from under her, she choked up Monday during her last day of campaigning here. By way of proving her tenacity and the depth of her policy knowledge, she has subjected herself to unremitting rounds of questions from voters about every issue from health care to global warming.

Clinton knows her stuff and would pass the most rigorous test available under any "No Policy Left Behind" program for politicians. If we chose a president by examination rather than election, she would win. In Hampton on Sunday night, Maggie Wood Hassan, a prominent state senator, said of Clinton's savvy on health care: "There isn't a single piece of the puzzle she hasn't figured out." True, but voters right now are not thinking about intricate puzzles....
We know Hilary has been been brought low because Gloria Steinem is saying her problems are gender related. (I couldn't make myself read the Steinem article. For Hilary I imagine it adds insult to injury.)

Obama entertains. Hilary is smart, passionate, ambitious, knowledgeable. America is bored. America wants someone fun. Gore Hilary is no fun.

Yes, Hilary is the new Al.

I like Al. I remember what happened the last time America had too many drinks and decided to go for a wild fling with the fun fighter pilot.

I'm starting to get over the pain of "Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton". Mind you, that's a huge hurdle, but Bill isn't being much of a factor these days. If Hilary were to change her name to Rodham I could be a supporter. (I liked President Bill Clinton, it's the hereditary aristocracy part I don't care for.)

Ah well, we have two very good Democratic candidates and one wild card who could be anything from disappointing to great. It could be a lot worse. America isn't about to go into rehab, so I'll support whichever Dem the process delivers.

PS. Emily senses the hidden hand of Karl Rove behind the cult of Obama ...

Update 1/9/08: James Fallows has a nice post expanding on this theme. I must be channeling the gestalt!


Anonymous said...

“If Hilary were to change her name to Rodham I could be a supporter.” I find your statement incongruous with the general common sense you display in the rest of your comments, or did I miss something! Would you be willing to expound upon the PS?
Regards, Alan

JGF said...

Sorry Alan, I was being clumsily ironic.

The biggest concern I have with Hilary is the Bush - Clinton - Bush - Clinton sequence. I know America has a history of hereditary/familial leadership but I still don't care for it.

If she changed her name it would be

Bush - Clinton - Bush - Rodham.

So cosmetically it would "look" better.

Really, I don't want her to change her name.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response, cosmetic indeed. The dynasty thing grates me to the core. Without making this a lengthy tirade suffice it to say there appears to be two realities, one real, our daily lives and all that that encompasses and the broken reality of those who are representing us. As cynical as it sounds, the hype and spin will not pay my mortgage or shelter me from the encroaching feds!
I would be interested in the PS/Rove/Obama details!

Regards, Alan

Anonymous said...

First, now that Bill is involved, have you had the courage to re-examine? Does his presence eemind you of anything (hint: cultural warfare, legislative impasse, proliferating scandals).

The Clinton's dirty, cheating, manipulating, attacking, dividing tactics should not be excused for any reason. Not because it means they are "good at politics;" not because the Republicans can be expected to play dirty.

Clintons will energize the Republican base and send independents in droves to the Republicans.
It's the most wishful of wishful thinking to suggest that so many independent Republican strategists (not just Karl Rove) are secretly hoping for an Obama candidacy and pulling a huge psych out in claiming that they can't wait to face the Clintons.
Make no mistake about it: the Republicans are salivating over the prospect of running against Clinton again.

Finally, another Clinton presidency would be impotent and ineffective. Clintons will be so obstructed by the Right, so distracted with scandalmongering, and so incapable of bringing people together - it will be instant death for Democratic agenda.