Monday, January 28, 2008

Minnesota's caucus and Florida's 71 to 22 percent preference: Clinton wins.

If I had the only vote in America, I'd probably vote for John Edwards. Otherwise, If he passed much more study than I've bothered with to date, Barack Obama.

Alas, I don't have the only vote in America. So my "vote" in the oddball Minnesota caucuses next Tuesday will be for whoever is most likely to beat Romney and/or McCain. That means whoever is mostly likely to win Florida, because, yet again, Florida will decide who the next President will be.

So I searched for a reference to guide me, and I found this ...

American Research Group

January 27, 2008 - Florida Primary Preferences

... Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama among men 59% to 25%, with 13% for John Edwards, and she leads Obama 61% to 28% among women, with 6% for John Edwards. Clinton leads Obama among early voters 65% to 19% and she leads Obama among in-person voters 58% to 31%, with 8% for Edwards. Clinton leads among white voters with 64%, with Obama at 21% and Edwards at 11%. Obama leads Clinton among African American voters 71% to 21%. And Clinton leads among Hispanic voters with 71%, with Obama at 22% and Edwards at 1%.

My recollection is that, in Florida, it's the Hispanic voters that decide presidential contests.

So it's Clinton then. My personal preferences don't count.

Update: for a biting and darkly humorous perspective with a similar (implied) conclusion, read Jon Swift.

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