Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Democratic primaries vs. the general election: an enlightening comparison

This is funny, but so true.

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... The general election is so damn easy by comparison. There, the only questions I need to ask myself are, “do I prefer the Enlightenment or the Dark Ages that preceded it? Is the Earth 4.6 billion years old or 10,000? Do anti-gay laws spring from a less repugnant part of human nature than Jim Crow laws?” While I look forward to the day when my answers to such questions won’t determine my vote, so far they unfailingly have — thereby eliminating the need for me to adjudicate more complicated social and economic issues that I don’t really understand...

Everything is simple once the Democratic Primary is over. We ex-Edwardians slightly favor Obama, but if Hilary wins the same check is will be in the mail. We've not spent a cent on the primary battle, it's all for McCain. So to speak.

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