Thursday, March 06, 2008

Physicians to go iPhone crazy

This is only the beginning, though it was neat to see Epocrates get Steve (Jobs) Note attention:

Epocrates Search Portal was recently announced that Epocrates is one of a limited number of developers who have been working directly with the Apple team to make our applications available on the iPhone/iTouch.  We look forward to making the product available in the near future...

The iPhone SDK isn't officially out until June, so I don't necessarily expect Epocrates before then. On the other hand, they did demo it.

So much for Emily's BlackBerry Pearl -- ePocrates barely works on it and there's some memory leak besides. Anyone want a cheap Pearl?

Physicians loved the Palm when it worked, and the Newton before that. There are a surprising number of physicians who are perfectly happen to program (some did it professionally in prior lives), they'll be cranking out free iPhone and commercial iPhone apps at an amazing rate.

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