Friday, March 14, 2008

Sheldon Brown - one of the original riders of the web

My old, long neglected web page on bike touring included a section on bike reference links. Surprisingly most of the links still work, including my link to Sheldon Brown's eclectic bicycle site.

I revisited the site tonight. It's very 1994 -- HTML 2.0 tables with links to his personal interests -- including my home province and his personal pages. It's only on the Harris Cyclery page though, that we learn Sheldon Brown died on February 3rd, 2008.

He kept a personal journal. There's an entry for the last day of his life:

... I've finally made up my mind, I'll be voting for Obama in the primary on Tuesday. When you live in Massachusetts, the primary is the only presidential vote that matters--if a Democrat can't carry Massachusetts in the final, there's no hope!

I'm still a big fan of Clinton, and would still be on the fence, except that my daughter is very strongly for Obama and has been working for him, which is enough to tip the balance for me...

The Times of London, has an extensive and affectionate obituary. He died of a heart attack after two years of progressive multiple sclerosis.

I hope one of his many fans will be archiving his pages and writings.

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