Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gordon's Notes to move to notes.kateva.org: Take II

The last time I tried to change the url for this blog the move failed. Google says the problem is fixed, so as before ...

Gordon's Notes: Gordon's Notes to move to notes.kateva.org: In theory, no changes required

... The address, however, is about to change to notes.kateva.org, where it will join Gordon's Tech which has been tech.kateva.org for about a year. It will still be published through Blogger, kateva.org is a Google "custom domain"...

... In particular Google doesn't redirect for some legacy Blogger (working) feeds, only for the current feeds.

So if you find this post in your Feed, and then no "it worked" post after it, you should be able to find Gordon's Notes at notes.kateva.org. The Kateva.org main page will also have news of the move.

Most blog readers will reset your "unread" count to 10 posts.

Wish me luck, I'll make the 2nd attempt to relocate tonight April 15th.

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