Thursday, April 17, 2008

The infamous fake-Springsteen Vista video: we think it's kind of sweet

An internal Microsoft sales team mock rock video was leaked to the net, to general mockery and derision.

I've seen it 1.5 times, including a full sitting with my wife.

We think it's sweetly silly, though it's just musical enough to be disturbing. My toes almost started tapping, even as my teeth ached. The critics seem to think this was a serious marketing video, but they need a bit of sympathy for the Devil. It's obviously 50% self-mockery and 50% fun.

I wonder what Springsteen thought of it. The man has a sense of humor, but ...

Of course true geeks all want Microsoft to fail badly enough to crack their monopoly, but I really don't see that happening. They've got more cash than ever, they'll fix the worst parts of Vista, eventually the hardware will catch up, and Vista is far more virus resistant than XP. Unfortunately brighter days lie ahead for the sales team.

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Anonymous said...

Dream on John, Microsoft is beginning to get a tinge, slightly noticeable at best, around the edges. Just like Streptococcus pyogenes, it might heal but I have my doubts. I reckon slow, invisible cannibalization comes next.

The video says it all. In house ribbing or serious attempt gone bad, what the the production costs must of been, either way,speaks volumes. The same problem for the ordinary guy is called ingrowing toe nails. left alone it just gets worse!

Vista is a joke that needs to much computing power, just to drive the the flashy graphics, that smoke and mirrors do not do it justice.

Microsoft will not fail because corporations don't have souls!

Regards, Alan