Friday, May 09, 2008

Krugman jumps the shark for Hillary?

Paul Krugman has been campaigning for Hillary Clinton. That's ok, there are far worse candidates for the presidency -- McCain for example.

So, I had no problem with his grumpy advice to a seemingly victorious Obama ... until I came to the shark jumping paragraph:
Thinking About November - New York Times:

... One thing the Democrats definitely need to do is give delegates from Florida and Michigan — representatives of citizens who voted in good faith, and whose support the party may well need this November — seats at the convention....
Krugman is the only Democrat I read who advocates the Florida and Michigan delegates be seated. Today's NTY lead editorial put a full seating off-limits, and the Times endorsed Clinton (though they're clearly reconsidering).

Krugman has drunk the Kool-Aid, jumped the shark, and sold his credibility for a pittance. We need an urgent emergency intervention. DeLong must fly east immediately.

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