Saturday, May 03, 2008

McCain's hole in Sweden

I like Gail Collins.
Indiana Holiday - New York Times

This all started with John McCain, who proposed suspending the 18.4-cent-per-gallon federal gas tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day in order to give regular hard-working Americans “a little relief.” In terms of rational policy-making, this is a little bit like announcing that you want to reduce tensions in the Middle East by drilling an enormous hole in Sweden...
I'm increasingly thinking of McCain as a duller and more craven version of George Bush.

Update: McCain was born in 1936. He's almost 72 years old now. Between his "gas holiday", his "healthcare plan" (walk 30 minutes a day), his "pay for tax cuts by cutting waste", his Sunni/Shiite/Al Qaeda confusions and his forgetting his opposition to torture he's shown that he needs a full neuropsych evaluation as soon as possible.

Reagan was 69 when first elected, and was showing early signs of his dementia by the time he was 73 (the official Alzheimer's diagnosis was announced when he was 83).

We don't need another president with early dementia. McCain should be evaluated now.

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