Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bush III

Since the current Bush is Bush II, that makes McCain Bush III ..

McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly, Too | Threat Level from Wired.com

If elected president, Senator John McCain would reserve the right to run his own warrantless wiretapping program against Americans, based on the theory that the president's wartime powers trump federal criminal statutes and court oversight, according to a statement released by his campaign Monday...

...McCain's new position plainly contradicts statements he made in a December 20, 2007 interview with the Boston Globe where he implicitly criticized Bush's five-year secret  end-run around the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act...

One the one hand, Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Bush III.

I think America is perfectly capable of electing another George W Bush.

Yep, I'm afraid.

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Anonymous said...

“Yep, I'm afraid.” That’s two of us; I can remember my shock at the last election, thinking no way, never a second term for Bush, and how anyone could not see it all for what it is!

Well, there’s no accounting for the minds eye and how it views the world. Strange that it seems so clear to those who have it completely wrong, is that me or them?