Monday, June 23, 2008

Global warming: what you can do ...

Technically, it's not worth bothering with wall warts and light bulbs. If you buy a new car it makes sense to get something like a Honda Civic.

Otherwise ...
Ask Pablo, Global warming | Salon Life

... So to recap: Pester your local, state and federal politicians, eat less meat and make your home more energy efficient...
Of these, the first is most important.

Which brings me to where I disagree with Charlie's Diary. Yes, technically the light bulb and wall wart fuss is a waste of time better spent opposing GOP candidates, but humans aren't technical animals. Fussing about florescents fosters a culture that can support about a carbon tax, and it helps make global warming something a politician can campaign on.

So don't mock the the folks who worry about "vampire" appliances. They are making it possible to elect and support the politicians who will make the real changes.

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