Sunday, June 08, 2008

Joy of the global web -- what's 101 mean?

A reader of a 2006 post of mine on "Wiki 101" asked what the "101" means.

It's a wonderful question. I answered ...
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In North American universities there's a convention that introductory courses are assigned a course number of '101'.

I've never thought about why that's so, and why all schools in the US and Canada follow this rule.

So 'Wiki 101' means 'introductory course in Wiki'...
I'm guessing the question came from an international reader.

Google is investing a lot in integrated machine language translation software. Over time we'll get more more of these questions, and I'll be asking the same sort of questions when I read blogs from other languages.

I love this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind explanation. I googled to find out what 101 was and found the answer at your blog.

Unknown said...

+1, the same :)

You're the cure to my curiosity :)

Anonymous said...

Same as FiPo :) Thanks!