Sunday, June 15, 2008

Private farming now, private manufacturing when?

Emily and Christina have joined a farm coop. We get a weekly produce share, and we're invited to visit and put the kids to work (as if).

It's good stuff. No melamine. No salmonella.

So what's next?

Why not private manufacturing?

Can't find a decent toaster? What if we could buy shares in a local manufacturing facility, and get goods built to our specs?

Well, we have been expecting computer controlled on demand manufacturing for a while ...

Gordon's Notes: A quick preview on the next thing to blow your world apart (Nov. 2005)

Do it yourself. Almost. ... Dan's Data provides a quick update on the state of the art in 3 dimensional "printing". As in download the specs, run the illegal hacking software, and print yourself an anonymous encrypted cell phone...

Probably going to happen, even without the nano stuff.

Maybe I'll get a good toaster before I die ...

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