Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cringely on Bill Gates’ retirement

Cringely’s summary of Gates’ legacy is the best I’ve seen, his June 2006 column is also worth re-reading. I think he should have mentioned Gates decision to shoot OS/2, he does mention Gates correct assassination of the ambitious pre-Internet MSN. Gates was good at shooting a bad horse, but that talent faltered with Vista. He couldn't shoot it.

I think Gates enormous worldwide productivity loss by creating a destructive monopoly that stifled innovation and destroyed better alternatives. It’s not a great legacy. On the other hand, there’s Microsoft Excel. Of course Steve Jobs, given the same power, would have been much worse.
Cringely ends with a very personal statement …
So have a happy retirement, Bill. I hope you save the world and win that Nobel Peace Prize. And while you're at it, please throw a little money into SIDS research, eh?
Cringely lost a son to SIDS.

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