Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In the Twins, the cops are bike savvy

(via Ride Boldly)

Maybe it's the time on bike patrol, but Twin City police are pretty savvy about bicycles. This is from a press release aimed largely at drivers -- who are recently seeing a lot more bikes on the street.

For example:
Roadguy -- Bikes vs. cars: Here’s what the police say:

....MYTH: Bikes must use the street.
FACT: Cyclists may ride on sidewalks except in business districts or where posted. Studies have shown that it is often safer to ride on the street.

MYTH: Bikes and pedestrians don’t mix.
FACT: It’s easy for cyclists and pedestrians to share trails and sidewalks when everyone is respectful. Cyclists should slow down when passing pedestrians. Bicyclists, be sure to give a polite warning and pass on the left with as much clearance as possible. Pedestrians should stay or move to the right when being passed or use a designated pedestrian path when available...
I didn't realize it was legal in the Twins to ride on the sidewalk. As an adult bicyclist I personally don't do that, but I do prefer that my younger children use the sidewalk. They've learned to stop their bikes and let pedestrians pass, and to be very careful about passing. It's definitely a crowded world compromise.

In terms of "polite warnings" I found, years ago on mixed use trails, that the best option is a soft tinkling bell from about 50 feet away. Go slow, ring a few times, and it seems almost peaceful. Spoken announcements, especially from a male voice, are disturbing to most pedestrians.

The Twins are a great place to live.

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