Monday, July 21, 2008

My interview with Jon Udell

Emily knows that when I received a podast invite from Jon Udell I yipped out loud. I’m a longtime fan of Jon’s writing and thinking; it’s timeless work. His writing from ten or fifteen years ago is still very relevant today.

The podcast is online. I’m going to make myself listen to it, though I have the not unusual aversion to hearing myself speak.

John … amazing Outlook hack (and why it matters) « Jon Udell

Although I’ve conversed online with John …. since my days at BYTE, we’ve never met, and we had not even spoken on the phone until last week when he joined me on an episode of my Interviews with Innovators podcast…

Jon interviewed me under my not-so-top-secret true name, rather than my John Gordon pseudonym. So if you follow the link you can learn the name I answer to.

The odd thing about the interview is that Jon’s voice and manner seemed very familiar. He writes as he is – curious, enthusiastic, smart, open, friendly and a pleasure to talk with.

We covered a bit of ground, so I’ve tagged this post with some of the topics we discussed.

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