Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Domain Registry Support fax scan is still in business

I received a cell phone call from a blocked caller ID today. The caller, a woman with a youngish Indian accent, said she was with "Domain Registry Support" and needed to send me a fax number regarding "changes in the Internet" that would affect one of my domain names.

I asked for their phone number so I could google it. The funny thing is that they've used 800-591-7398 in their scam since at least 2006. It's some kind of domain name transfer fraud. I assume they then resell the domain to someone else, or hold it for ransom, or use the personal information for an identity theft project.

I didn't have time to follow it up of course. I get at least 3 non-trivial phishing attacks every week, if I followed up on every fraud attack I'd have no sleeping time. Still, this is the first phone call attack in a while.

It's hard to remember when fraud wasn't a part of everyday life. It all feels like something out of a Charles Stross novel.

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