Saturday, August 30, 2008

JavaScript slide show app from 1997 still works

Today I ran across a noteworthy example of technological continuity. I was surprised!

A recent transition in hosting and registrar services caused me to review ancient web pages largely created in the mid to late 90s -- during the heyday of the personal web site. Among the dusty collection were a set of Internet Tutorials for my fellow family physicians.

The tutorials used a home grown JavaScript slide show applet that let me draw ordered sets from a collection of (spartan) "slides" -- a feature that was killed off by PowerPoint's dull dominance. I wanted to have a dynamic cross-platform (IE 2/3 and Netscape 3) resource.

Today I tried the applet. I had to enable pop-ups but, incredibly, it still works in Firefox 3 (I didn't try Safari or IE 7, no need to push my luck).

There's more continuity on the net than we typically assume.

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