Thursday, August 21, 2008

My first Wikipedia page: Data Lock

I've edited several pages, but this is the first I've created ...
Data lock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... Data lock is the planned or accidental strategy of retaining customers by holding data captive.

Data lock is a common outcome of proprietary file formats. It is a particularly common occurrence in cloud computing, but it is also commonplace in personal information managers and in commercial IT systems in every industry.

Customers rarely make data mobility a priority, so it can be difficult even for well intended developers to invest in data freedom. Google has shown recent moves away from data lock through the creation of APIs and new public export formats for blogs...
Update 8/27/08: Well, that was a short lived article! Wikipedia removed it, apparently because it was too much of a definition, and not enough of an encyclopedia article.


The Tonic said...

Ah, very nice. As I was writing about the possibility of losing our personal memories to data lock (a blog post inspired by something you said) I had to link to your article for a definition; I was quite disappointed by what wikipedia had to say on the subject. Now I'll have a much better definition at the ready.

Don't worry - I'll continue to give you credit for the concept. :)

MorryW said...

Six months later and still no wiki entry for data lock.
I see they allow an article for a DataLock which appears to almost be an advertisement.
And furthermore - better something as a definition than no information at all.