Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Explaining twitter, facebook and myspace to gomer geeks

The NYT Magazine article: I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You - Clive Thompson - NYTimes.com and the Scoble-selected blog post from Lightspeed venture partners try to explain twitter and the like to gomer geeks.

It’s all about intimacy.

Hmm. Problem is, we gomer geeks don’t want to know what our spouse’s moment-to-moment thoughts are – much less our friends (sorry Jim, Andrew, Bob, Peter …). I’d like to know where my parents and my kids are, and (at their respective ages), maybe what/how they’re doing .. but that’s about it.

Younger people differ. They actually seek intimacy. My generation overflows with intimacy.

I suspect this will be a young-thing rather than a generational thing – meaning today’s 10 year olds will be keen in 8 years, but today’s 25 year olds will be much less keen when they approach middle-age.

Ok, so I’m not so sure women won’t stick with it longer …

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Anonymous said...

"Ok, so I’m not so sure women won’t stick with it longer …

Not so sure . . . . . . . .Sounds like you made the right call to me!