Tuesday, September 02, 2008

McCain on science: you knew it would be bad

A self-styled "independent" (ahh, to be young) has reviewed the Obama and McCain positions on science.

Needless to say, Obama does pretty well. True, he's no more of a scientist than Bill Clinton was, but they both hang out with real scientists.

Obviously, McCain/Palin are a disaster.
Cocktail Party Physics: physics politico

... Even more damning points against McCain: he notoriously flip-flopped on the abortion issue, and now is opposed to stem cell research. Obama supports stem cell research. Plus, McCain's shiny new VP pick, Sarah Palin, is a far-right social conservative, global warming denialist, anti-abortion advocate, is anti-stem cell research, plus she supports teaching creationism in public schools (via the "teach the controversy" strategy).

... With Palin at his side, and a party platform filled with ideological rhetoric so stale it's developing icky green moldy bits around the edges, he's offering a change, all right -- all the way back to the late 1980s. (Cue chorus: "And that's not change we can believe in!")

Honestly? Regardless of how McCain answers (if he answers) the questions from Science Debate 2008, his selection of Palin pretty much makes it impossible for anyone who values the science and technology enterprise to vote for him...
Alas, I know this knowledge won't make any difference to faux-rationalist Republicans. Denial is strong.

Incidentally, I'd like to join a "Democrats for Palin" group. We'd all right glowing letters defending her to media outlets, join up with supportive demonstrations, etc. Of course we'd need to be incognito ...

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