Sunday, September 28, 2008

Miracle statins: I'm such a cynic

How cynical am I?

I read this ...
BBC NEWS | Health | Statins 'prevent artery ageing'

... The research found that statins appear to increase levels of a protein called NBS-1, which is involved in the repair of DNA within cells. This means they may be able to hold off the effects of old age in the artery wall for a little longer.

Professor Martin Bennett, who led the research, said: 'It's an exciting breakthrough to find that statins not only lower cholesterol but also rev up the cells' own DNA repair kit, slowing the ageing process of the diseased artery.

'If statins can do this to other cells, they may protect normal tissues from DNA damage that occurs as part of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer, potentially reducing the side-effects.'...
and I think "Hmm. Rev up DNA repair, probably means down-regulate the mechanisms that terminate ill-behaved cells, means more malignancies emerge ...".

Whenever you read of a new benefit of an old drug, you also have to think of the other side of the coin. Researchers didn't think of Statins as anti-aging drugs, so they wouldn't have looked for dark side of that class of drug ....

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Anonymous said...

Do statins prevent or promote cancer?
Mark R. Goldstein, MD FACP
Luca Mascitelli, MD
.Francesca Pezzetta, MD
"...In conclusion, we feel that there is ample evidence that statins may promote cancer in certain segments of the population." (women and breast cancers, elderly men, prostate cancers)