Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Right blames Wall Street's collapse on ... Clinton. Bill Clinton.

Power Line: What Caused the Crisis on Wall Street? would be a lot funnier if I didn't think the barbarians were going to win. (Lord, these people are loud, plethoric, old, and angry. Maybe a laxative would help?)

Yes, the current GOP meme is to blame our latest financial crisis on all those poor people who've recently lost their homes, and to blame that on Clinton. Not Hillary. Bill. Oh, and welfare queens. Black people, mostly.

Black people stealing the millions off the table of deserving billionaires. Lucky Ducky lives.

The GOP has effectively held power for 12 years, though for the past year they've been greatly slowed. Twenty years from now, they'll blame rising sea levels and severe weather on Bill Clinton, unless civilization wins this November.

In which case Obama will be blamed for the weather.

There is an upside. This stuff is so silly that it might, just maybe, just possibly, strike a few people as being laughable.

That could help.

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