Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The best of Sarah Palin -- all the clips, assembled

A gift from Talking Points ....

Talking Points Memo | Queen of Youtube!

... as we get ready for the big event tomorrow night, Palin's historic confrontation with Joe Biden in St. Louis, we thought we'd pull together all of Palin's greatest interview moments in one boffo Sarah-mania clip reel ...

I tried watching it, but it's too sad. I had to stop at the third clip.

All we need now is for the Wall Street Journal's OpEd article praising Palin's victory over Biden to appear before the debate.

That would be perfect.

She can't possibly do worse than she's already done. Biden will be very genteel even as Palin will be gunning hard, so I think it won't be so bad for her.

She's not going to do any more real media encounters though.

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