Friday, October 03, 2008

Damn. The good guys blinked.

In the end, the good guys did their duty. The Dems passed the bailout, the House GOP barely shifted
172 Democrats in favour and 63 against. A majority of Republicans still opposed the bill - 91 voted for it and 108 against.
Yes, it's the right thing.

Yes, it's the grown-up thing.

Yes, the GOP has effectively joined bin Laden's "destroy America" campaign.

There's only one problem ...
Gordon's Notes: The GOP's game of chicken - let's crash

....We've seen this game before. It usually involves a financial crisis of one sort or another.

In past episodes the grown-ups turn the car aside. The crisis is averted. The GOP then savages the grown-ups.

That would be fine, except for what happens next.

It works. The GOP win, and once they win they create more crises. For the grown-ups to solve. In the long run, being grown-up only makes things worse.

Being grown-up doesn't work when a large chunk of the electorate is clueless.

Better to crash and burn now, because if the GOP isn't reformed we'll only crash harder next time.
If McCain wins, the next wreck will be even worse.

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