Saturday, October 25, 2008

Frank Rich: white guys aren't all bad

I was reading in Politico that the last Democrat to win a majority of white non-Hispanic Americans was Lyndon Johnson.

Before the civil rights movement.

I'm melanin-deprived so that's one of my tribes. I can't even claim a Jewish-exemption (white non-Hispanic Jews do vote Democrat). Yeah, I'm sort of Korean by adoption, but I still get sun burn from incandescent lights.

No wonder, in my heart, I still believe Palin/McCain will win -- albeit at a hideous cost. It comes with my tribe.

Frank Rich, also a member of the inheritors of sin, tries to tell the world we're not all bad ...
Frank Rich - In Defense of White Americans -

... Nor is America’s remaining racism all that it once was, or that the McCain camp has been hoping for it to be. There are even “racists for Obama,” as Politico labels the phenomenon: White Americans whose distrust of black people in general crumbles when they actually get to know specific black people, including a presidential candidate who extends a genuine helping hand in a time of national crisis.

The original “racist for Obama,” after all, was none other than Obama’s own white, Kansas-raised grandmother, the gravely ill Madelyn Dunham, whom he visited in Hawaii on Friday. In “Dreams From My Father,” Obama wrote of how shaken he was when he learned of her overwhelming fear of black men on the street. But he weighed that reality against his unshakeable love for her and hers for him, and he got past it...
In a similar vein, it's instructive to google on "voting for the ni**er", but I wouldn't mark that as an entirely positive sign of euro-enlightenment.

It will be a good thing for civilization when my tribe becomes just another American minority. Not too long now ...

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