Sunday, October 19, 2008

Google - please hire me to create a task list

I've been a Toodledo customer for months, but they're driving me a bit crazy. They don't grok search, their UI is web 1.0, and their web site has lots of advanced tools that aren't designed quite right.

Their multi-edit tool pushed me over the edge into madness this afternoon. When I tried to create a multi-edit search for items dated prior to today, the result included all undated items as well.

If I wanted NULL values, I'd have requested NULL values. #$!$!&*&^%

Toodledo seems to have been created by wrapping a web 1.0 tool around a very generic set of database tables. I love their commitment to data freedom and their Appigo integration, but there's a place for usability too.

So I went back to Remember The Milk to see if they'd improved. I took a special look at the way they handle notes and search.


Ok Google, here's my offer.

Donate $1,000 to CARE.ORG and I'll work for free. I'll tell you what you need to make a good, task list integrated with iCal. Clearly you've been waiting for me to crack and make this free offer, because otherwise you'd have added tasks ages ago.

You know where to reach me.

Ok, maybe Appigo will do their own server. Help!!

Update 11/7/08: Appigo hasn't done their own server yet, but they've added search done right to their iPhone Todo app. Lovely work.

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Larry said...

I hope they take you up on your offer. I too have gone between Toodledo and RTM. I've settled on Toodledo but want something more integrated with GMail and my calendar. Here's hoping.