Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kristof's happy thought of the day

Imagine how much more fun this would be if social security had been privatized...
Kristof - Save the Fat Cats -

....For those of you accustomed to bull markets, who think we’re sure to come out of this quickly, remember this: Japan’s main stock index is still less than one-third of its level of 19 years ago...
Lovely. Of course our market has been basically flatline since about 2000, so maybe there's hope.

Something I didn't know:
....A starting point would be to remove tax subsidies on executive pay .... The Institute for Policy Studies in Washington estimates that U.S. taxpayers every year provide more than $20 billion in tax subsidies for executive pay....
So why didn't I know this? Is it common knowledge? What else don't I know?

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