Thursday, October 09, 2008

NPR and the annals of false equivalency

When it comes to radio, my "dial" pretty much stays at National Public Radio. (Anyone remember dials? Ok, I digress.) Of course these days I listen to more podcasts (In Our Time) than radio, but I don't think I'd want NPR to vanish.

Mostly, I don't.

Sometimes, though, I wonder. Yesterday a piece on campaign propaganda featured a wonderful bit of false equivalency.

On the one side - McCain is accused of an erratic response to the financial crisis.

On the other side - Obama wants to teach sex to six year olds.

The thesis is they're both equally untrue. Never mind that even David Brooks, propagandist for the GOP, thinks McCain's response to the finance bust was ... well ... erratic. Or that even the WSJ struggles to repeat the sex lie.

These false equivalencies are much worse coming from a "respected" voice.

Now that the NYT is weaning itself from the GOP's very effective equivalency game, NPR is still stuck. Maybe that has something to do with their funding, maybe it's the people.

Fund raising is coming up again. Maybe I'll give the money to CARE this year.

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