Monday, October 20, 2008

The Onion covers McCain's bus problem

The Onion goes where others fear to tread.

They have a satirical news story about John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight.

Fortunately passer-byes find Cindy's number in his pocket, and she rescues the confused senator.

Today there are 571,000 hits on "McCain dementia".

A vote for McCain is a vote for President Palin.

Update 5/11/10: McCain's political career seems to be ending, and his statements are increasingly erratic -- but there's really no mainstream media coverage of his cognitive state. We saw the same thing in Reagan's second term. He was clearly impaired, which seems pretty relevant, but the topic was forbidden.

John McCain has had quite a few head injuries, so dementia at his current age is extremely probable. Bob Vitray, writing in 2008, had a good summary ...
... His sport at Annapolis was boxing. He was knocked out at least twice in plane crashes. He probably suffered a concussion during his escape from the Forrestal fire. The North Vietnamese beat him and starved him ...
McCain has had an extremely eventful lPublish Postife, with more than his fair share of head trauma. He should retire now, and we should set aside his actions of the past few years as being a legacy of his dementia. The fault for those actions and statements falls on those who have encouraged him to continue in public life.

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