Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The problem with town hall debates: "uncommitted"?

I grew up in Canada, so as an American it's been relatively easy for me to avoid presidential debates. I don't have the habit, and the debates annoy me. They're a political test for sure, but I'm no judge of what appeals to voters. If I cared, I could best assess those traits by reading post-debate polls rather than watching the debates.

Now I have one more reason to dislike presidential debates ...
BBC NEWS | Americas | Race turns bitter as debate looms

... He will select only six or seven e-mailed questions, as well around a dozen from the studio audience of 80 uncommitted voters....
Uncommitted?! At this point?

So the audience is made up of 80 people who are either fabulously clueless or lying. They get to select the questions.

Hmm. Clueless or lying. I think I see why McCain likes the format.

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