Thursday, October 16, 2008

Understanding evil. Lessons from the Virginia GOP

The Virginia GOP has modified an extreme close-up of bin Laden into something could pass for a distorted and blurred close-up of Barack Obama.


Yes. Evil.

Yesterday four Minnesota (Lakeville) men savagely tortured a cognitively disabled man for two days, then left him for dead.

That is horror and tragedy. It is not I would say, evil. The torturers were themselves cognitively disabled, walking tragedies, broken and terrible. That brutal crime is tragedy upon tragedy.

Evil requires understanding, or at least as much understanding as humans can have. Evil is knowingly choosing the wrong.

Evil was the Reich. Evil was Pol Pot. Evil was Saddam Hussein. Evil is Zawahiri and bin Laden. Evil is Dick, the torturer, Cheney. Evil is Philip Morris and their smart and skilled executives who choose to serve an evil cause.

It was that kind of evil person who did this bit of work. I'm sure they were delighted by the fruit of their labor.

Yes, America, look at evil.

Do not flinch.

Vote the GOP out of power. There's must be a hard road of reform and rehabilitation, for they are corrupted from the bottom to the top.

Donate to Obama.

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Anonymous said...

This is about as bad as it gets!

Strange dichotomy that attempts to force fear upon one segment of the population whilst making it clear to the intended audience that the roots of the evil emanates from the source itself! Alan