Thursday, October 16, 2008

The vote will be incredibly close. Do not stop donating, do not rest.

We know Obama is incredibly smart and politically skilled. He’s not being coy here …

Front-runner Obama cautions against overconfidence -

… About 10 hours after debating Sen. John McCain, Obama urged top campaign contributors at the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan to not be overconfident, despite leading in a number of national polls…

Meanwhile, later in the article Palin tries to lulls us into complacency (emphasis mine):

Palin said… “… This year, the name on the ballot is John McCain -- and America knows that John McCain is his own man, he is the maverick."

Don’t be fooled by Palin’s seemingly mindless repetition of a now laughable talking point that was drilled into her by McCain’s handlers. Maybe it’s her way of sticking a fork into McCain, maybe she’s dumber than we think, but maybe she’s trying to lull us to sleep.

I don’t think she’s dumb, any more than Bush is dumb. Deranged, maybe, dumb, no.

Assume Karl Rove has something in his back pocket. Something very nasty that he’ll bring out at the very last minute. McCain’s team has gotten away with some astounding lies, this could be an even bigger one.

There won’t be much time to react when it happens. We’ve seen how the American people have reacted to events since October 2000. We’ve lost our internal rudders, as a people we can turn on a dime.

Obama will need money in the bank. He’ll need a team on the ground ready to respond. He’ll need to have last minute weapons of his own.

To build what will be needed for the last minutes the Obama/Biden campaign needs money now.

Don’t believe the polls. If Obama wins, which I still consider unlikely, it will be by a razor thin margin, the race won’t be decided until December, and the courts will be very busy.


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