Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We must resist hope. Now is not a time to rest.

Now is the most dangerous time.
McCain needed a knockout, and he didn't get it. - By John Dickerson - Slate Magazine

.... After their second debate, both Barack Obama and John McCain shook hands with the Nashville audience of 80 uncommitted voters. Both were well-received. But Obama stayed longer, and with McCain out of the room, the affection from the swing voters increased. He was mobbed, patted, beamed at, embraced. One woman wiggled up next to him. At one point, about 15 voters posed for a group picture like it was the last day of camp. The 'Nashville '08 Debate' T-shirts are in the mail.

These uncommitted voters wanted to be next to Barack Obama, and the adulation from the audience helps explain why he won the debate. In the post-debate polls on CNN and CBS, he was the clear winner, and he also won Fox's focus group....
Now is when people begin to daydream. Now is when people start talking about who would serve in an Obama administration.

Wrong. The worst possible mistake.

We should be acting like Obama is, at best, tied. Because, I believe, that is, at best, the truth.

The GOP's back is to the wall, and they will fight like cornered rats. This will get fouler than most of us can imagine. If Obama wins it will be decided by the narrowest of margins. There will be voter fraud. There will be court challenges. The Supreme Court may again choose the winner.

Don't let go of The Fear, make it drive you. Donate money.

Do not feel hope.

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