Monday, November 03, 2008

The bright side of President Palin

I know that Palin/McCain will win tomorrow and that all of our contributions and my cheery blog posts will have been for naught.

As a perennial optimist I thus prefer to look at the bright side of a McCain victory and the inevitable Dominion of President Palin.

Yes, I'm just a glass half-full kind of guy.

You see, if Obama wins then people like me will feel compelled to try to save the human world. We'll be obliged to think about fraud and our medication supply chain, fraud and our food supply, integrating China into a peaceful world, managing Russia's convulsions, mitigating global climate catastrophe and ecological collapse, tackling global poverty, surviving the end of oil, helping cognitively impaired persons be the best they can be, reducing the growing disability burden of technocentric society, surviving the falling cost of havoc, preserving freedom, responding to the challenge of the Weak and so on and on and on.

We're made that way. We can't help it.

But if McCain/Palin win, well, then we can relax.

We'll know that we'd done everything we could have done. We can lay down our shields honorably. We'll know we tried hard to avert the Dark, even though, really, we knew that the odds were miserable even with great leadership.

Clearly, with President Palin at the helm there will be no point in worrying about humanity's future.

So if McCain/Palin win we can spend more time with our families. Maybe we'll buy some land within my 92nd Airborne buddy's defensive perimeter in Michigan's remote Upper Peninsula. We can take up poetry, painting and heavy drinking, and enjoy the waning days of America and, most likely, all of civilization.

It's something to look forward to. Time off as it were. I'm tempted to vote for McCain myself, but that would be cheating. I can't escape my geas until the final Doom has come. Then it's party time.

So to speak.

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Unknown said...

Very dark, John. Stellar writing, but dark. Dark as the Upper Peninsula in January ;-)