Thursday, November 06, 2008

Meme watch: It's all the fault of the damned liberal media

I knew there was a reason Orson Scott Card stopped being readable ten years ago. His brain was invaded with the zombie leaches that have now caused him to sign onto the resurrection of "the liberal media has destroyed America meme" ...
Tim Oren's Due Diligence: The Newspaper Crash of 2009... And How You Can Help

One of the reasons that churn is up for the newspapers is the political bias. I'm with Orson Scott Card on this. The industry has abdicated its social function to support a well-informed electorate, and become a propaganda arm of the left. In so doing, they have sullied their brands and lost the trust of their readers. The economic consequences of this default of their value proposition are now becoming apparent. The Internet and an economic crisis together would be bad enough, but the industry has only itself to blame for the egregious behavior on display for the last few years, and at its worst right now.
So, you see, it wasn't the torture, the lying, the smears, the betrayals, the incompetence, the alienation, the corruption, the stupidity, the War on Science and Reason, the greed, the policy, the bankrupt "southern strategy", the Palin Dominionism or any other reality of the modern GOP that led to Obama's victory.

It as all the treacherous liberal press.

If the media weren't treacherous, why would they have stopped the 'he said/she said' reporting that was an essential underpinning of Rovian politics? Why did journalists suddenly start mentioning the contradiction between what 'he said' and what, undeniably and irrefutably, was actually true?

Why would groups like post 10 McCain/Palin whoppers for every one Obama/Biden fib?

Because they hate freedom. Because they're not real Americans. Because they're pawns of Soros, Buffet and the Trilateral Commission.

We're going to hear a lot of this garbage.

To the keyboard team, the Battle for Truth, for Enlightenment 2.0, didn't end when the Good Guys won the election.

I need a new tag for this. Meme Watch will do.

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