Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why price cuts won't sell a Mac to me

Dear Apple,

I see that you would like to sell some Macs ...
Apple sale! All Macs must go! - Apple 2.0

... Apple (AAPL), which keeps the tightest reins on list prices in the business, seems to have loosened them significantly this holiday season. Authorized resellers who normally wouldn’t dare chop a nickel off Apple’s suggested retail are cutting prices, offering rebates and plastering the Web with gaudy ads....
Maybe I can help. I would like to replace my G5 iMac.

The problem is, you aren't solving my problems. So I don't want your machines at any (plausible) price.

So if you want to sell me a Mac, or sell my family a 2nd iPhone, you need to make your basic personal information management software (calendaring, tasks, notes, etc) grow up. A lot.

You need to make the 2008 iPhone the equal of the 1998 Palm Vx.

You need to improve the quality of your products, so I don't lose 3 evenings of my life every time you do a major software update.

Maybe, after six software releases, you could enable Library import on iPhoto.

Maybe you could restore more of what you stripped out of iMovie.

Maybe you could get the bitter taste of Bento out of my mouth by providing a FileMaker useable interface to your system data repositories.

Maybe you could make your software faster, instead of selling machines by producing the world's least efficient code.

Maybe you could start listening to me. Your would-be paying customer -- if you had anything I could use.

Just saying.

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