Sunday, December 07, 2008

Obama's addiction is a problem

Obama has been unable to break his cigarette addiction.
Obama Noncommittal on Caroline Kennedy, and Smoking

...On another matter, Mr. Brokaw tried to clarify whether Mr. Obama has actually quit smoking, as he suggested.

The president-elect admitted to having “fallen off the wagon.”...
So he's sending money to Satan. This should please Philip Morris, maybe they'll send Obama some freebies.

He's not the first president with a substance problem of course, but at least Bush had put his aside.

I hope he finds a way to do better. It won't be the last of his clay feet of course, anyone insane enough to run for President has more problems than addiction.

This particular addiction, however, does make him a crappy role model for our kids. We'll need to reduce Obama's prominence in our household conversations.

PS. Although I think claims of liberal media bias are overrated, the careful skirting of Obama's cigarette problem does support a bias claim. Of course I didn't mention anything prior to the election, but I don't pretend to be unbiased.

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