Tuesday, December 09, 2008

So how bad are the rest of the governors?

Maybe Blagojevich is the worst of the worst. He comes from a bad place ....
Rod Blagojevich's bad hair day | Salon

... Three of his last six predecessors -- Otto Kerner, Dan Walker and George Ryan -- have gone to prison. Ryan, who as secretary of state sold drivers' licenses for bribes, is languishing in a federal pen in Wisconsin, pining for a Christmas pardon from President Bush...
Even if he's the worst though, there's a lot of darkness between Blagojevich and merely adequate. He makes Palin look good, but we know Palin abused her power as Governor to settle a family feud.

So how bad are the rest of the governors? Is there a rogue's gallery ranking somewhere? How does our current level of political corruption compare to the past forty years?

Oh, and what the hell is wrong with Illinois?

Shoot, this guy makes Jesse Ventura look like the pinnacle of good government.

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Kosmo said...

I think he's a case study of how delusional thinkers can sometimes rise to power.