Friday, January 30, 2009

GOP hysteria featured on … “Guantanamo Baywatch”

Don’t cry for Colbert. Bush is gone, but the GOP POL (Party of Limbaugh) is still hysterically funny. They’re the highlight of Guantanamo Baywatch - The Final Season, gnashing teeth and rending garments at the thought of Killer Khalid busting out of an American Supermax.

To quote Colbert … “If they had mutant powers, we’d know it by now”.

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Anonymous said...

Representative Steve King betrays his stupidity in the overall tenor of his comment, but his ignorance in suggesting that someone released from a U.S. jail could walk across the street into a U.S. embassy. In what American city could that happen. Without a detailed fact check, it still seems certain that our embassies are all in other countries. So unless King can cite a case of a country that sends ambassadors to itself . . . .