Friday, January 02, 2009

The inanities of conservative pundits: volume XXXXXXXXIV

Sometimes it's worth quoting these loons just to remind us that they are completely hopeless -- and yet were once very powerful...
FDR and the New Deal: Did it prolong the Great Depression? | Salon

... During a Christmas Eve appearance on Fox News, I pointed out that most mainstream economists believe the government must boost the economy with deficit spending. That's when conservative pundit Monica Crowley said we should instead limit such spending because President Franklin Roosevelt's 'massive government intervention actually prolonged the Great Depression.' Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett eagerly concurred, saying 'historians pretty much agree on that.'...
Of course historians don't "agree on that". Surely there must be one or two semi-serious historians who would argue the point, but they're the lonely exception.

Never forget -- these people caused grievous harm to America and the world. They are still around. They will try to return.

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