Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A beautiful opportunity for an OS X app – front end to GVC

I’ve recently raised the grade on Google Video Chat.

Gordon's Tech: Google Video Chat - a status report - Grade B-

Update 2/24/09: Grade A-: The OS X client now seems comparable to the Windows client. Both drop sessions every hour or so. The quality can be astounding. Usability is astoundingly bad however. Still, beats Skype and iChat easily.

Really, it’s amazing technology. Congratulations Vidyo.

Alas, usability sucks. There’s no way my mother could operate this monster.

Which means there’s a beautiful opportunity for an OS X shop when Google finally publishes an API for GVC.

Someone can put together an app with five huge buttons.

My mother opens the app, clicks a button, and I’m called.

I’d pay $50 for that alone.

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