Thursday, February 05, 2009

Death of a hero - Anastasia Baburova, a Russian journalist

I hope there is some comfort for this young woman's grieving friends and family in the Economist's obituary ...

Anastasia Baburova, a Russian journalist |The Economist

... In Turgenev’s poem “The Threshold”, a young woman stands before a door. A voice asks whether she is prepared to endure cold, hunger, mockery, prison and death, all of which await her on the other side. She says “Yes” to everything, and steps over. “A fool,” cries a voice from behind her. “A saint,” suggests another.

Fascism is alive and growing under the tyrant Putin.

As if the world, and Russia, didn't have enough to worry about.

The world needs a healthy and happy China ...


Anonymous said...

Much thanks for the Baburova post! Yes indeed, the example of her courage leaves one feeling many different things. Most of all, thank God for those who have such strength.

Regards, Alan

JGF said...

History may love the hero, but it is hard to be the hero's mother.

I hope, at least, Russia will one day be thankful for her. Russia has so many demons, but also so many very heroes. It's a most curious and unfortunate nation.