Sunday, March 15, 2009

Apple's defective iMac displays

Nearly all owners? That's impressive ...
AppleInsider | Apple sued over exploding iPod touch, iMac display issues

... Florida resident Roman Huff observes that his 17-inch iMac bought in November 2006 -- here labeled an iMac G5 despite clearly being an Intel-based model -- is representative of a display defect that affects nearly all owners of that generation of the computer.

The complaint echoes those of a similar January lawsuit and says that 'thousands' of iMac owners start to see vertical lines appear on their LCDs months after first use. These gradually multiply and wash out the color of the display to where it's unusable; in an all-in-one desktop, this renders the entire system useless, Huff's suit contends...
My AMEX card gives me an extra 1 year warranty. In my experience Apple is pretty average when it comes to quality control and "doing the right thing".

I'm rooting for Huff. A billion in punitive damages would probably change Apple's attitudes.

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