Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The non-existent iPhone Calendar API - it's Android's fault

This is the fault of Android and of Palm.

A developer of mobile software solutions shares my dismay at the lack of an iPhone Calendar API ...

Mobile Open Source :: Fabrizio Capobianco

...My goal was to find the new Calendar API (we need it to provide calendar sync with Funambol). They claimed 1,000 new APIs in the slides ... It must be there, I thought.

Unfortunately, it is not there ... 1,000 new APIs and none to give access to one of the two basic data elements in a smartphone (the other being the address book)...

The problem is that Apple is not feeling much competitive heat these days.

Android has been very slow to take off. There's no buzz. There are zero Android phones among the geeks I know.

The Palm Pre sounds wonderful, but there's lots of doubt that Palm and Sprint can deliver -- and nervous rumors that they can't.

Nokia and Microsoft aren't in the competition. RIM is growing, but after 9 months with Emily's BlackBerry Pearl I admit I don't understand how they can play outside the enterprise.

Apple is precisely as open as it needs to be. It's not feeling much need these days.

Update: Another praiseworthy app that needs the calendar api.


Cuckold Boyfriend said...

There are millions of Android phones out there. Good news, bad news. The G1 isn't just about early adopters - it is for normal folks. Think of it as the Walmart phone. You don't go to Walmart do you? Most people do.

JGF said...

I just wish I'd see more Android phones at work. Then I'd feel better.

Although I wouldn't want to buy the current generation of Android phones, I'm wishing Android tons of success.

Same thing for the Palm Pre.

Apple needs competition.