Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Which would you choose?

The Devil smiled, and said ...

Really, it's not hard.

You have two choices.

Sign here and you will live in reasonable health until your 80th birthday. On that day my servant, Victor Von Cheney will visit you. The torture will be terrible. Your bones will break, your teeth will crumble, your eyes will see darkness, your spine will twist and your hands will lose all feeling.

You don't care for that?

Then sign here. You will live a normal life. There will be some good times and some hard times but you will live with you mind intact into your 80s. Of course there will be some illness. Macular degeneration will steal your vision. Osteoporosis and arthritis will crumble your spine and mangle your nerves. Neuropathy will make you clumsy and, of course, your teeth will go. You will pass Von Cheney on the street but he shall take no notice of you.

No, really, you must choose.

Advice? You are asking the Devil for advice?

Well, in truth, I feel for you. It was not I who made this world.

I shall tell you three things. Select your memories. Declare victory when you are ahead. Do not save for a better grade of wheelchair.

Now choose.

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