Sunday, April 26, 2009

Android netbook – things start to get interesting again

The Netbook news has been boring lately. Lots of junky $500 machines running XP – viral fodder basically. Heck, that’s in range of a used MacBook. No news there, except that $25/machine XP licensing has torn a hole in Microsoft’s profit. Instead of making an insane profit they’re only making an obscene profit.

Things only get interesting when the crummy little buggers fall below $150. Anything else, short of a $250 5” diagonal iTouch from Apple, is boring.

So this report is interestingly only because it’s a marker of the drive to $150 …

Report: First Android Netbook to cost $250 | Crave - CNET

The Alpha 680, as the laptop is known as, is going through final testing at Guangzhou Skytone Transmission Technologies, Skytone co-founder Nixon White told the site.

The Netbook uses a 533MHz ARM 11 CPU and sports a 7-inch LCD screen, keyboard, touchpad, and built-in Wi-Fi, according to the report. However, the Alpha 680's 2-cell battery will last only two to four hours while surfing the Internet, much lower than the expected 12 hours.

… manufacturers attempt to drive the price of Netbooks to around $200 or less…

The Alpha 680 will be quickly forgotten of course. The big one will be the Google branded netbook debuting at $180.

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